Pink Little Bear and Clouds Wallpaper 118" Thumbnail
Pink Little Bear and Clouds Wallpaper 118" Thumbnail
Pink Little Bear and Clouds Wallpaper 118
Pink Little Bear and Clouds Wallpaper 118
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Pink Little Bear and Clouds Wallpaper 118"

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About product

  • Decorate the little girl's corner with the practicality and delicacy of the Bear and Clouds Wallpaper! As it is self-adhesive, it does not need any glue preparation for application. To find the ideal amount of paper in the room, just divide the wall width by 20.9".

    The glue and ink used for printing are water- and polymer-based, without toxic agents or strong odors. In this way, the material is of high quality, ecologically correct and totally safe for children's environments. It can be applied on any smooth and clean surface, without dust residues, such as: walls, doors, furniture and glass.

    Application method:
    Remove the beginning of the protective film and glue the edge of the paper at the desired height, so that it is aligned with the wall. Gradually, remove the film and pass a soft cloth over the paper to fix it. By doing this, the possibility of air bubbles forming is minimal.
    When you reach the footer, cut the wallpaper. Align the pattern design, overlapping about 0.08" on the paper already applied and repeat the procedure described above, cutting the excess excess. Do this until the entire desired area is covered by the paper. After full application, wipe the entire edge with a dry cloth, applying moderate force to ensure it is securely attached to the surface.
    Conservation care:
    Cleaning should be done with a soft, damp cloth, and neutral soap can be used if necessary. Avoid rubbing with the rough side of the bushing and scraping sharp or sharp objects on the adhesive.
    ATTENTION: Do not apply to surfaces with texture, dirt or infiltration, as fixation will be impaired.

    01 Roll 20.9" width x 118.1" height

    Material: Self Adhesive Matte Vinyl

    *Printing with GreenGuard Children & School Certification, ensuring the product is safe for children and seniors and can be applied in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.