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Magic Balloons Sticker Poster

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About product

  • The Magic Balloons Sticker Poster is a creative and original choice to complete your decor! Without a frame, the adhesive poster offers greater freedom to assemble and change the arrangement of each piece, as it does not need to drill holes in the wall for fixing.
    Made with high quality digital printing, the poster is self-adhesive and easy to apply. You can make fun combinations of positions or even create a themed mural without damaging the walls.


    • Adaptable to any plain surface;
    • It must be applied in clean places, such as: doors, furniture, spackling wall and plaster walls;
    • Do not apply on textured surfaces, damp places or with magnetic paint;
    • In newly painted environments, wait at least two days for application

    01 Sticker poster 13" x 9.8" 

    Digital Printing - Matte Vinyl Adhesive