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Blue Pompom and Hearts Baby Nest

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About product

  • The Blue Pompom and Hearts Baby Nest is an exclusive product of Grão de Gente, the main brand of layette and decoration for nursery in Latin America.

    Our Baby Nest is the best choice for a more peaceful and protected sleep! With the softness of 100% cotton fabric and soft filling, your newborn is comfortable and welcomed, as if it were in mommy's lap. To adjust the size, just pull the accessory cord, which is recommended for babies up to 6 months, depending on the child's height. It also has a cushion, fabric handles for transportation and zipper to facilitate washing.


    - Baby nest made of 100% cotton fabric
    - Comes with a cloud cushion
    - Accompanies thin mattress to fit the bottom of the nest
    - Has a zipper that makes it easy to remove the filling and washing
    - Fabric handles for transportation (without the baby)
    - Size easily adaptable when pulling the cord

    *For safety, it should not be used to carry the baby.

    01 Baby Nest 31.5" length x 18.5" width
    01 Cushion 11.4" length x 8.7" height

    Fabric: 100% Cotton
    Filling: 100% Silicone Polyester Fiber