2 Piece Green Bunny Cushion Set Thumbnail
2 Piece Green Bunny Cushion Set Thumbnail
2 Piece Green Bunny Cushion Set Image
2 Piece Green Bunny Cushion Set Image
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2 Piece Green Bunny Cushion Set

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About product

  • This duo will win your heart! In a fine fabrication, the Bunny Cushions unite the favorite items among moms of boys to compose the decoration of the nursery room in the most perfect harmony. The soft fabric and cuddly 100% polyester fiber filling of the two pieces provide a comfortable support and the necessary warmth for great naps.

    The Embroidered Cushion will win your heart with the charm of the white polka dots printed on the gray fabric, which appears with the beautiful heart embroidery - also embellished by the polka. With its white fur and big ears, a friendly rabbit will jump into your baby's corner. Thanks to its playful shape, the plush cushion will illustrate the most amusing stories, participate in games, or even become the little one's nanny. Made of plush carapinha, the model has embroidered snout, mustache, and cheeks to form the image of the main character of this collection.

    01 Embroidered Cushion 10.2" x 10.2"
    01 Bunny Cushion 11" high

    *The cushion set is composed by the pieces described above, the rest of the products are sold separately.

    Heart Cushion Fabric: 100% Cotton
    Rabbit Cushion Fabric: Plush 
    Filling: 100% Polyester Fiber